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Aside from always having a closet to borrow clothes from, or laughter to share in down the hallways, living in the house is actually less expensive than campus housing. It’s also an easy way to ensure safety and dietary needs are met.

Each housing experience across our campuses is unique, and the pricing reflects the many amenities offered.

For more than six years, researcher Dr. Gentry McCreary conducted an in-depth study into the psychological roots of fraternal brotherhood and sisterhood.

He concluded that live-in facilities impact and increase the meaningful bonds of sisterhood. Those who live in chapter houses have a greater fraternal experience and sense of belonging.

With the stresses of studies and all of the pressure higher education entails, ensuring sisters are nourished and have a clean space to be in takes a weight off their shoulders.

Dietary restrictions are met with professional catering provided in most houses and the sisters can have input in meal planning. In addition, professional cleaning is provided within the facilities. And for universities with on-campus, live-in requirements, living in a chapter house could fulfill those requirements.

Houses are equipped to ensure security and safety measures are taken.

In fact, they are locked 24/7. In addition, if a sister needs support (after experiencing trauma or struggling with her mental health) – she can find it from her roommates and easy access to on-campus resources.

Getting the opportunity to live with my sisters was one of my greatest college experiences. I’ll never forget coming home from class every day and heading straight to the kitchen to talk about my day. There was always a friend in the house by my side and available when I needed some girl talk, help getting ready, or just down to watch a movie. Years later, my sorority sisters and I still talk about how we wish we could have one last sleepover together at Delta Gamma.


I think living together as collegians made us good roommates after college and even better travel partners. When Mindy and I travel together, we push each other outside of our comfort zones, but we also know and respect each other's boundaries and quirks.

Karen Potter, Lambda-Minnesota

Whether it was pranking our neighbors in the house and then them pranking us back or singing along to the Rent soundtrack as loudly as we could while getting ready, our time together was unforgettable. Now 1,000 miles separates us but we have remained in one another’s lives and been there for all of life’s most momentous occasions.