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Safety And


Safety First

Sisters can find support behind every door within the house. It’s a place to learn from sisters, have fun – but mainly find help and encouragement

All employees go through in-depth background checks, even including the vendors who make the keys!

Guests and vendors are always escorted through the house and there are restricted areas of the house for members only.

Proactive maintenance and measures are taken to ensure safety and security, as some houses have a live-in house director who manages the household. Facilities have built-in sprinklers, require fire drills and hold inspections regularly.

Delta Gamma strives to create an environment rooted in safety and security for all members.

Illegal drugs, including medically prescribed marijuana, as well as drug paraphernalia, may not be stored or used on Delta Gamma property. Alcohol also may not be stored or used on Delta Gamma property, including within a car parked on site.

Delta Gamma has a zero-tolerance hazing policy. Living within a Delta Gamma home provides additional accountability to ensure anti-hazing measures are taken.

Members who experience or witness hazing behaviors should contact your chapter’s Honor Board for support. Non-members and members who are not comfortable utilizing Honor Board may contact to be connected with a staff member for additional support.

I have enjoyed hearing about the strong support system that is provided at the DG house. By working together, the house mom and sisters have created a safe and healthy environment that encourages accountability. Living with her sisters, my daughter has grown into a mature and responsible person.

Marlene, Parent

Living at DG helped make a large university smaller and created a close community among the girls. What a plus to have a chef at the house!

Susan, Parent

She also felt very safe and supported knowing the House Corp. provided for the safety and cleanliness of the house at all times. Her year living in the DG house exceeded her expectations.

Katie, Parent

Susan Kinney


Many of my happiest Delta Gamma memories are those made in the DG house. Home cooked meals, late night study sessions, a shoulder to cry on, sisters to laugh with and travel with, simply put, a safe place, a home away from home for this first-generation college student.

Delta Gamma Housing still offers all that today and so much more.  As you visit our housing site you’ll notice the beauty of our houses, lodges and suites, and hear from parents and current students.  You’ll find our housing is conveniently located, competitively priced, sometimes staffed with an on-site house director, with state of the art security systems, some with on-site security patrols, some with meals provided by catering companies and yet, still a home where members gather to build their memories.