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When Nowhere Else
Feels Like Home

Delta Gamma Does

Find Your House

It’s more than four walls.

It’s that safety net, that comfort you feel because you belong to a space with friends who all share the bonds of sisterhood.

Room for all

Your New Home

Delta Gamma chapters across the U.S. and Canada each have a place on or near campus in which a sister can feel at home. Every house is unique, and whether the home is big or small – there’s room to make memories, make friends and feel a secure sense of belonging.

Living Spaces

Countless Amenities

Houses include designated areas for studying, kitchens for professional catering and cooking, and precautionary safety and support measures are always taken. Questions? Contact us.

Designated Areas for Studying
Designated Areas for Studying

Each living facility is equipped to strengthen your education — after all, that’s why our members are at college in the first place! Our larger facilities have designated study areas and our smaller areas have plenty of quiet nooks to call your own. The main benefit of it all is that sisters with similar majors or course loads are always nearby for support!

Kitchens for Professional Catering or Cooking
Kitchens for Professional Catering or Cooking

Sisters will never go hungry in a chapter house. Every house has a cooking area — the larger facilities have a fully staffed kitchen with professional catering options. Healthy options are available and dietary needs are met.

Safety and Support Measures
Safety and Support Measures

Sisters safety is our #1. With security systems, thorough guest vetting and check-ins and live-in house directors, ensuring members are cared for is the main priority.

Lifelong Friendships

The Biggest Benefit: Live-In Best Friends

Whether a big house or small facility – living in the chapter house guarantees easy-access to a study buddy, wardrobes to share and endless memories to be made.

Why live in a chapter house?

We shared a bunk bed, with Maddie on the top bunk and me on the bottom, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing it. We live over 1,000 miles apart now between Boston and Key West, but our bond is just as strong as it was when we were sharing our bunk bed.


My favorite part about being roomies with Karen is we were able to laugh together, be ourselves and share our love of shopping. Today, we are able to pick up our conversation right where we left it even when weeks go between our calls. We have been there for each other through the best of times and our tough times being the support each other needs. And who better to be a fashion consultant or designer than your best friend/sister when you just can't decide yourself?


I think living together as collegians made us good roommates after college and even better travel partners. When Mindy and I travel together, we push each other outside of our comfort zones, but we also know and respect each other's boundaries and quirks.